To adjust the region associated with Google Play Store services, you’ll need to follow these steps: From the main screen of your Android device, press the Google Play Store logo to access its interface. Display the hidden side menu on the left side of the screen and click on the Account option.

Mar 31, 2017 How to Easily Change Your Play Store Country to Download To do so, swipe in from the left edge of your screen, tap "Account," and select "Country and Profiles." You should now see both your default country and the new country you have either moved to or selected via your VPN service. Tap it and you'll be prompted to enter a local payment to confirm the change. Change Google Play Store Region Country - VPN Switch - How Aug 17, 2016 How to Change Country/Region in Google Play Store

Open the Google Play Store app Tap the three lines at the top left corner of the page Select ‘ Account ‘ If you find the country-switching option, Tap ‘ Country and Profiles ‘

How to Change Your Google Play Region - IPBurger Jul 22, 2018 How to change your Google Play Store location (without This method works hand in hand with Google Account Information. An IP address is a unique identifier, and IP addresses change from place to place. Google easily identifies your IP information and updates this information to your Google Account. Changing your Play Store Location Choose a VPN. To change your Play Store Location, you will first

Mar 31, 2017

The legendary Mel Gibson stars in this edge-of-your-seat action-thriller that explodes into action during a violent category 5 hurricane. As disgraced cop, Cardillo (Emile Hirsch, INTO THE WILD) races to evacuate an apartment building, he comes across Dr. Troy (Kate Bosworth, SUPERMAN RETURNS), and her retired detective father Ray (Gibson). Steps to Change Region in Google Play Store. Open the Google Play Store app and open the hamburger menu. Select Accounts from here and you will see a new Country and Profiles option. You will see the current region option below the previous region. How to change the country or region in Google Play Store Google Play store is Android's digital distributed service center where Apps, Games, Music and Videos are provided for the users. Play Store is one of the core component in Android ecosystem, as it acts as a market place for consumers to download and use the apps based on their requirement. This is important as the Google Play Store app keeps a note of which location you first accessed the store from. Step five - Enjoy the Google Play Store region of your choice! All that remains to be done now is to simply reopen the Google Play Store. You will notice if the region has changed just by looking at which currency is being used.