The Internet is a worldwide system of interconnected computer networks that use the TCP/IP set of network protocols to reach billions of users. The Internet began as a U.S Department of Defense network to link scientists and university professors around the world.

Aug 16, 2010 · Back in August 16, 1995, Microsoft has released the very first version of Internet Explorer which was essentially just a reworked version of Mosaic web browser. Internet Explorer 1.5 Several months later however, IE team (which began with just about 6 people) has released Internet Explorer 1.5, bringing support for basic table rendering. Jun 07, 2016 · Clearing your IE browsing history can be accomplished from Windows’ Internet Options, which can be accessed in one of two ways. If you don’t have IE up and running, head over to the Control Panel and click on “Internet Options”. (You can also open the Start menu and search for “Internet Options” to reach this page.) Yes, Internet Explorer 11 is the last major version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 11 will continue receiving security updates and technical support for the lifecycle of the version of Windows on which it is installed. To begin with, Internet Explorer wasn’t the first web browser in the world.Now a short story on how it all started. In 1995, Microsoft was working on a very important project, a code-named “Chicago.” An extension of that project – a code-named “O’Hare” after Chicago’s O’Hare Airport – was being developed simultaneously.

The browsing history wasn't recovered for any of the three major browsers we tested: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. This is touted as the go-to method in the majority of websites and forums, but it was just a big waste of time when we tried it.

As Microsoft celebrates the 15th birthday of Internet Explorer, lets dive into the past and see how it all started… Internet Explorer 1. Back in August 16, 1995, Microsoft has released the very first version of Internet Explorer which was essentially just a reworked version of Mosaic web browser.. Internet Explorer 1.5

Oct 18, 2019 · Hello WinExp!, Here is a history of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a web browser that you could use on the computer. You can use this in Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS.

Clear All Web History . First Start your version of Internet Explorer. Click on Open. In the menu bar of the browser, click on the option “Tools”. You will see it in the top menu as you can see in the next image. 2. Look at the “Tools” menu, Click on the option “Internet Options”. 3. The internet options window will be on your screen. Sep 24, 2018 · View and delete in Internet Explorer. Step 1: Open the History menu. In Internet Explorer 11, click the star icon at the top-right of the window. Step 2: Search and sort Internet Explorer History. a) Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Internet Explorer, and then, in the list of results, click Internet Explorer. b) Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options. c) Click the General tab, and then, under Browsing history, click Settings. d) Under History, specify the number of days you Mar 07, 2011 · Internet Explorer 7.0 (2006): IE 7.0 made Internet surfing safer with a phishing filter, stronger encryption, and a “delete browsing history” button to easily clear private data. It also introduced tabbed browsing, allowing users to do more things faster and easier with the browser. Back in 1988, the Morris Worm was the first major attack on the Internet , disabling 10% of the Internet's 60,000 host computers. Today, hundreds of more sinister attacks are aimed at Internet This is the first logo to include the famous IE logo. In Internet Explorer 5.0, the famous logo was now fully implemented everywhere. This logo is similar to the present logo, except for the design. Expect the easter egg on About screen. This logo is used as the IE6 and IE7 Beta "mshtml.dll" Desktop mode icon.