Hi, i has a NETGEAR WNR3500Lv2 with DD-WRT (DDWRT_WNR3500Lv2_Support_Release_04-11-2012) (default, not compiled by myself). This befor i had a LINKSYS Router with DD-WRT in a Client Bridge to my Speedport W701 V and now i want to configure the new router as a Client Bride.

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wireless mode: client bridge wireless network mode: only G (probably should work even with "mixed") Network configuration: bridged When I created the Virtual interface i've chosed A SSID name different from the router (ex: Router was sitecom virtual interface was dd-wrt) and my virtual Interface settings are: Name wireless: dd-wrt_vap

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The DD-WRT router creates a subnet LAN. The subnet LAN has clients connected to it with cable connections. (On the firmware page, the menu choice for this mode simply reads “Client”.) Client Bridge. See Client_Bridged. The previous page remains for reference Wireless_Bridge Broadcom WiFi DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - Getting client bridge mode Jan 31, 2010 Reuse an old router to bridge devices to your wireless Check the DD-WRT router database to see if your router is supported. If your router isn't supported, …