How to Configure sources.list on Debian 9

Konfigurasi Samba File Server Di Debian A. PENGERTIAN File server adalah sebuah komputer terpasang ke jaringan yang memiliki tujuan utama memberikan lokasi untuk akses disk bersama , yaitu penyimpanan bersama file komputer (seperti dokumen, file suara, foto, film, gambar , database, dll) yang bisa diakses oleh workstation yang melekat pada How To Set Permanent DNS Nameservers in Ubuntu and Debian Sep 14, 2018 Which Linux Is Best for File Servers? Survey Says: Debian Jun 25, 2012 Debian / Ubuntu Linux: Setup NFSv4 File Server - nixCraft

3 Easy Ways to Connect to Windows Shared Folders from Linux

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In Debian, ext4 is the default file system for new installations. GNU/Linux can be installed on any filesystem that supports some special constructs (file permissions, symbolic links and device files). Many file systems are journaling, meaning they are able …

I will use Debian 9 Stretch for the demonstration. Adding a Package Repository Manually on Debian. The package repository information is stored on the /etc/apt/sources.list file. You may edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file directly to add a new package repository. You can run the following command to edit /etc/apt/sources.list file: Add a Simple Samba File Server as a Domain Member | Linux If you’re using the Debian version of the /etc/samba/smb.conf from backports, throw away everything in it, because it’s garbage Samba 3 stuff and they haven’t bothered tidying anything up. For a simple Samba file server, you just need your [global] section and your share definition.