The case pitted Mozilla and several other internet companies, such as Etsy and Reddit, as well as 22 state attorneys general, against the Republican-led FCC. Net neutrality is the principle

The decision means the more than 10-year-old debate over net neutrality will continue to drag on for months or more likely years. The ruling is a setback to the Trump administration’s efforts to reverse rules adopted under former President Barack Obama in 2015 which barred internet service providers from blocking or throttling traffic, or Feb 27, 2015 · Reddit’s co-founder and executive chairman, Alexis Ohanian, personally manned the phones for three hours, according to the Post. After the FCC voted 3-2 in favor net neutrality, the president sent two messages to Reddit, the first a typed message he asked to be shared with the entire Reddit community that read: Jun 15, 2020 · Net neutrality (also known as the Open Internet) is the principle of treating all internet connections equally. If there’s no net neutrality, internet service providers (ISPs) can discriminate against websites or services and regulate what users can and can’t see. The FCC first started talking about rolling back net neutrality rules in 2017. Feb 27, 2018 · Reddit is mobilizing its community to help save net neutrality regulations, which are set to expire on April 23 in the absence of congressional intervention. In a post on the r/announcements

Oct 05, 2019 · Abiding by net neutrality rules in California, but not for information sent to Ohio, will prove, to say the least, challenging (see carmakers’ adoption of California’s stricter fuel efficiency

Nov 29, 2017 · But beyond the race track, they’re also exceptionally concerned by the threat of losing net neutrality, according to Reddit’s NASCAR page. Briefly, net neutrality is an Obama-era regulation Jun 04, 2020 · Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Print Talk ATT will favor customers who use its own streaming service, which would've been prohibited under the old net neutrality regulations. Sep 10, 2014 · Twitter, Netflix and Reddit are among the online firms who have said they will take part in an "internet slowdown" demonstration against rules they believe endanger net neutrality. Oct 01, 2019 · Federal appeals court ruling on FCC net neutrality rollback is a “big win” for California, which wants to move forward with its own law, state Sen. Scott Wiener says.

Reddit, Tumblr Push to Preserve Net Neutrality Via #OneMoreVote. Tomorrow, sites like Reddit and Vimeo will display homepage alerts that direct visitors 'to flood the Senate with messages in

Apr 26, 2017 · In 2014, smaller companies held an “internet slowdown” event to remind users of the net-neutrality fight. Sites such as Reddit, Etsy and WordPress displayed a “site loading” icon intended Oct 01, 2019 · A federal appeals court today ruled to uphold the FCC‘s 2017 repeal of net neutrality laws, meaning Ajit Pai’s rollback of the Obama-era laws will stand. However, the court did offer an avenue Obama: "I'm a Big Believer in Net Neutrality" During the State of the Union YouTube follow-up interview on February 1, 2010, President Obama again expressed strong commitment to Net Neutrality. Watch, share, and talk about Net Neutrality -- Protecting a free Internet protects your Free Speech. Jun 06, 2018 · On June 11, net neutrality protections will cease to exist. This means your internet service provider will be able to engage in content based discrimination. Internet content it likes — for political or financial reasons — will be delivered at top speeds, while content it disfavors will be slowed or even blocked.But will that start happening on day one?