Generation Names and Dates "A generation is a group of people born at roughly the same time, usually within a 20-year time interval," says Deborah Carr,

The following Generation, referred to as Generation Z, and various other names, is the First World or Western generation of people born between the early-1990s and end of the 2000s, depending on the definition used. [14][15][16] Eastern world. China's Generation Y is a generation of approximately 240 million people born between 1980 and 1990 in A Comprehensive List of Generation Names Feb 12, 2020 The Generations - Which Generation are You? The Greatest Generation: Born between 1910 and 1924. Those of the Greatest Generation grew up during the Great Depression and probably fought in World War II. They are also known as the GI Joe Generation. They are the parents of the Baby Boomers. They were named the Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw, famous News Broadcaster.

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Generation VIII | Pokémon Wiki | Fandom Generation VIII (第八世代 Dai Hachi-sedai) is the eighth instalment of the Pokémon franchise. It was first announced on February 27, 2019 with the announcement of Pokémon Sword and Shield. This generation features the Galar region. Dynamax, Gigantamax, and Eternamax are special phenomenon that can be used by a Pokémon if its trainer is equipped with Dynamax Band. Generation Zero Wiki

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The Coolest Baby Names For Each Generation Dating Back to Yet, one thing all names seem to have in common is that they define their generation. You’d have an awfully hard time finding a 30-year-old today named Mildred, but in 1930, ole Milly was your We Asked Generation Z to Pick a Name. It Wasn’t Generation Jan 31, 2018 The Generations of the UK | HuffPost UK Across the UK as a whole, 27.9% of people fall into the Generation X category (30-49), 22.2% are Baby Boomers (50-59), 20.9% are in Generation Y (15-29) and 18.1% in Generation Z (0-14). 10.8% are Our Generation Dolls Wikia | Fandom